Frequently Asked

The main goal of WP Flight Booker is to allow owners of WordPress powered websites to add itinerary based search for their audience. It’s the main thing people do when searching private aviation.

Working in digital marketing, Seo, Sem and SaaS development for aviation industry providers for years, we know what aviation audiences wants. This plug-in is built with features to let you take advantage of digital marketing and request needs.

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A few common FAQ’s… Contact us with any you may have.

Yes! I’ll personally help you get it setup and walk you through the setup. (my name is Brian)

We can offer you two options…

We’ll give you FREE our template you see in the demo wen you purchase our plugin. Pick one, and we’ll set it up on your hosting (or host it for you)… this is an Avada website theme and we will provide you the license.

Need something customized? My partner and I can help you setup a full fledged custom website for your Part 135 or Broker business. We can setup a time to go over your needs as a business. Please note, custom sites start at $7500 and go up from there depending on specifications and needs.

Yes, we can customize and create a unique version and upkeep it for your business. We can make this plugin do whatever you need if we fork a new version for you.

We have integrated JetInsights, Avinode and other aviation tech stacks. It all depends on how your systems/CRM are setup and allow for data integration.

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See WP Flight Booker in action. We have created a few demo websites to showcase how you can use it whether you are a broker or owner/operator.