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WP FlightBooker

The main goal of WP Flight Booker is to allow owners of WordPress powered websites to add itinerary based search for their audience. It’s the main thing people do when searching private aviation.

Working in digital marketing, Seo, Sem and SaaS development for aviation industry providers for years, we know what aviation audiences wants. This plug-in is built with features to let you take advantage of digital marketing and request needs.

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Feature packed plug-in tailored to 135/91 operators and jet brokers.

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Itinerary searches that turn to lead requests

Whether you’re an aircraft operator or a jet broker, the main goal of this tool is to drive itinerary flight requests. The easy to use interface allows for the public to quickly identify the type aircraft wanted with vital itinerary information.

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Drop in anywhere on your website!

WP Flight Booker is powered via a short code drop in. Simply create a container within ANY WordPress website and drop in. This allows you to use tactical SEO driven pages and WordPress ease of use for lead generation needs.

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Aircraft types, Tail Numbers, or General Aircraft.

You can use WP Flight Booker how you see fit for your business. You might own King Air’s only or only focus on specific jets, or only want to broker certain jet class type aircraft. Configure your fleet manager inside WordPress to work for your needs.

Showcase Your Fleet!

If you operate aircraft, have them come up on searches to provide users with a view of what is available. They can then choose what best fits their needs.

Show Prices…or Not

WP Flight Booker is programmed with TravelMath set in. Depending on your aircraft fleet, range, speed, and cost it will calculate the cost based on your hourly rate you set.

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Leads are Emailed & Saved

Never lose a lead… WP Flight Booker records all your leads within the plugin for your own tracking needs as well as sends to your email if selected. Don’t lose a potential lead from not seeing it in your email.

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Optional settings & flexibility for your business

WP Flight Booker contains optional settings to leverage how you operate your business. Control phone number displaying, pricing, Thank you messages and more with this plug-in. It’s lightweight & easy to use.

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Need More? We can help your business

Need more customization? We offer direct customization development of the plugin to suit your needs. We can discuss integration with your scheduling software like JetInsights, Schedero, FlightTrak and others. We have extensive experience in this area. Consult with us for custom needs.

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Explore our Demos

See WP Flight Booker in action. We have created a few demo websites to showcase how you can use it whether you are a broker or owner/operator.